What makes this guitar unique?

The way the chambered body is constructed is quite different from the way other guitars are built. The top (known as a drop top) is not installed over the entire top of the guitar, the drop top of a Dirty Elvis handmade electric is installed 'into' the actual body of the guitar. This means it needs to be precisely cut to fit into the top of the guitar.

The body is perfectly chambered for sound, strength and playability (weight/balance). The flat top is complimented by a subtly radiused back, with a hand carved neck that provides each guitar its own individual character. Finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, the intricately defined colour is painstakingly complex to apply, but worth the hard work, producing a deep gloss, great feel and unique look that ages with you and the guitar.

A Dirty Elvis - Handmade Electric is available in a range of colour schemes, woods and pickups.


It takes approximately 90 days to build from start to finish. Please message for waiting times and further details.

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